Technical Guidance “Social Media Marketing as a Student Job Opportunity”

Palangka Raya University in collaboration with Abdul Rasyid Foundation (AR Foundation) and the Business Clinic on Thursday, October 05, 2023 at the Rahan Hall, 2nd Floor of the Palangka Raya University Rectorate Building, held a Technical Guidance with the theme “Social Media Marketing as a Student Job Opportunity” followed by the signing of an MoU between the Business Clinic and Palangka Raya University. The Bimtek activity brought in expert resource persons in their fields, Hendi Kusuma Atmaja, S.H., M.H as HR System & Policy Corporate Recruitment Manager of CBI Group and Muhammad Asary, S.Pi., M.M., AWP., C.DMP as Business Clinic Coordinator.

Rector of Palangka Raya University, Prof. Dr. Ir. Salampak, M.SIn his remarks, he expressed his appreciation to Mr. H. Abdul Rasyid and Monika Putri Rasyid as CEO of Abdul Rasyid Foundation and Business Clinic, for their attention to the world of education in this case Palangka Raya University by organizing this Bimtek activity and other forms of cooperation that will be initiated between UPR and AR Foundation in order to establish research partnerships, certified internships and as well as providing employment opportunities for Palangka Raya University graduates. The Rector of UPR also added that the technical guidance carried out today is a collaborative approach that supports the development of technology-based education accompanied by good ethics in the use of technology in increasing access and quality of education, especially in Central Kalimantan.

The CEO of the Abdul Rasyid Foundation, Monica Putri R asyid in her remarks through the zoom meeting, said that the Abdul Rasyid Foundation is committed to working in the fields of education, social and culture ARF actively and consistently carries out social missions by providing assistance to the community such as humanitarian activities, natural disaster relief, and others. In addition, ARF also has a big mission in realizing regional economic progress with a coaching and empowerment program for MSMEs realized through the Business Clinic platform. The CEO of Abdul Rasyid Foudnation and the Business Clinic also hopes that by establishing cooperation with Palangka Raya University, AR Foundation and the Business Clinic can help students get scholarships and opportunities for internships and gain experience and become MSME partners of the Business Clinic.