Symbol and Meaning

lambang UPR

The logo of Palangka Raya University has the following meanings:

  1. The pentagon has the meaning of Pancasila;
  2. The circle has the meaning of unity/roundness of science;
  3. The tingang or hornbill has the meaning of searching/researching knowledge in freedom, closeness to nature and the environment;
  4. Shields or talawang have the meaning of defense and self-protection;
  5. The crossed saber and chopsticks form the Roman numeral X which means the date of UPR’s anniversary, which is the 10th;
  6. Mandau means tradition, skill, sharpness, and discipline;
  7. “Sumpit” have a traditional meaning, skill and accuracy to the point;
  8. Gong has the meaning of wealth, glory, splendor, communication, and the spread of knowledge;
  9. The 11 (eleven) wing feathers mean the month the UPR was founded, namely 11 (November);
  10. 6 (six) tail feathers and 3 (three) neck feathers forming the number 63 (sixty three), meaning the year the UPR was founded, namely 1963;
  11. The green color has the meaning of freshness, growth, prosperity, and intimacy with nature;
  12. The golden yellow color has the meaning of glory, splendor, and prosperity;
  13. The black color means fortitude and toughness;
  14. White color has the meaning of purity, objectivity, and honesty; And
  15. The red color stands for courage, resilience and tenacity.