Dukung Ekonomi Hijau serta Pertumbuhan Sosial dan Lingkungan yang Berkelanjutan, Bank Indonesia dan Universitas Palangka Raya Gelar Kuliah Umum

Bank Indonesia in collaboration with Palangka Raya University and the United Nations Sustainable Development Solution Network (UN SDSN) on Friday, February 10, 2023 held a public lecture at the Rahan Hall, 2nd Floor, Palangka Raya University Rectorate Building, with the theme “Starting Green Transition in Kalimantan to Entrench Economic Dynamism, Social Progress, and Environmental Sustainability”. The public lecture presented Prof. Wing Thye Woo from the University of California, Davis who is also the Vice President of UN SDSN, which was attended by students from the Faculty of Agriculture, Faculty of Economics and Business, and Faculty of Engineering of Palangka Raya University.
Rector of Palangka Raya University, Prof. Dr. Ir. Salampak, M.S in his speech expressed his appreciation and warm welcome to Prof. Wing Thye Woo, Prof. Mazlin Bin Mokhtar and Prof. Leong Yeun Yoong who were pleased to be present at Palangka Raya University. The Rector explained that Palangka Raya University strongly supports programs in order to realize Green Kalimantan through a green economy approach as a source of new economic growth in Kalimantan. The Main Scientific Pattern of Palangka Raya University as stated in the UPR Statute, namely “Development of Science and Technology with the Direction of Development in Tropical Peat Swamp Areas and Watersheds and their Environments”. This scientific pattern directs all parties to pay full attention to maintaining peatland ecosystems through research, service and learning curriculum. To realize this scientific pattern, we expect cooperation in community empowerment in peatlands so that people do not just become forest and environmental encroachers, but become forest guardians, river guardians, and peatland guardians. To realize sustainable development in Kalimantan, especially Central Kalimantan by strengthening economic dynamics, social progress and environmental sustainability.
Deputy Head of Bank Indonesia Representative for Kalimantan Region Coordinator, Mr. Bimo Epyanto said that currently the Indonesian Government has a commitment to support the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions in supporting green economic growth and a sustainable environment, with these dynamics and challenges we in Kalimantan need to collaborate in looking at Kalimantan in the future which is full of green and sustainable economies by taking into account the carrying capacity of the environment which will have an impact on people’s welfare, through an environmentally sound economic development plan emphasizing low carbon development and preventing loss of biodiversity.
This public lecture is the third in a series that has been held in West Kalimantan, East Kalimantan and currently in Central Kalimantan. Central Kalimantan Province is heading towards green growth that is aligned, harmonious, and balanced between 3 (three) main pillars of development, namely environmentally friendly growth; improving community welfare; and equitable and sustainable economic growth in order to improve the welfare and social equality of the people of Central Kalimantan, while significantly reducing the risk of environmental damage.